Coronavirus – Update from Children’s Health Services

During the coronavirus pandemic, staff from children’s health services were moved from their normal roles (or redeployed) to other roles where they were caring for those in most urgent need of medical care.

Additional services, online resources and helplines were provided for families while staff were supporting those who urgently needed help.

Services in Southend, Essex and Thurrock are now planning how they will restart.  They also recognise that the coronavirus has not gone away and they need to keep everyone safe.

The current position


Services are continuing to accept referrals.  Each referral is considered based on need and urgency.

You should continue to contact your local children’s services or GP if you are concerned about any changes to your child’s development.

Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service (EWMHS)

The Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service have continued to offer a full service throughout the pandemic.  Local counselling and early support services are available.

Return of staff

Staff are now returning to their normal roles.  They have been talking to schools and other settings about how and when health services will be reintroduced.

This will happen in stages and they will work work closely with children, young people and their families.

Essex Family Forum

The CCGs are speaking to the Essex Family Forum to understand and address the concerns that families have.

How services will be delivered

The child and their safety always comes first.  We are considering how technology can be used to support assessments and provide information and advice remotely.

NHS services are following national guidance. Some appointments will be over video call or the phone. NHS staff will work closely with schools to assess whether face to face visits are needed in school.  Families will be involved in these discussions.

Services are slowly returning to routine appointments; this will be different for each service.

Contact numbers

Contact numbers for all health services have not changed.  You can contact them with  any questions about your child’s appointment, or if you have any specific concerns about your child’s health or development.

Find contact numbers on the Essex Local Offer, Southend Local Offer or Thurrock Local Offer.

Communication with parents of children with SEND

We understand that this an extremely anxious time for you and your child so we want to share information and advice with you.

You can get updates:

  • directly from your health service provider
  • via the Local Offer websites for Essex, Thurrock and Southend
  • via Essex Family Forum website
  • via CCG websites

Helpful links

*Reviewed 9 November 2020