Advice to education settings (VI)

All education providers

It is important to undertake an access audit if you are providing an education service to children with vision impairments. The following information sheet gives some pointers in this respect:

Reasonable adjustments (vision impairment): advice to education settings

Schools: General advice on vision impairment

Advice for teachers of children with a mild Vision Impairment

The importance of patching and wearing glasses for young children (EYFS/KS1) – for children with amblyopia, lazy eye, squints

Seasonal mobility – highlighting the effect of different weather on a pupil’s ability to move around

Schools: Curriculum access for pupils with a vision impairment

Art and Design KS1/2 Art and Design KS3/4

Design & Technology KS3/4

English KS3/4

Food Technology

Geography KS1/2 Geography KS3/4

History KS1/2 History KS3/4

Literacy KS1 Literacy KS2

Mathematics KS1/2 Mathematics KS3/4

Modern Foreign Languages


Physical Education KS1/2 Physical Education KS3/4

Science KS1/2 Science KS3/4

Preschool settings

If you have young children who need to wear an eye patch, the following information may be helpful: Wearing an eye patch: a guide for early years’ settings