Annual Review of an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP)

By law, EHCPs must be reviewed within 12 months of the final plan or the last review. If a child is under five years old, reviews must be every three to six months.

Before the meeting

The school will write to the parent of a child or young person about a date for the annual review. They will also ask them for their views.

The school or setting will write to the professionals who support your child, asking them for their views. Anyone who can make a helpful contribution should be invited. This might include health or social care professionals. If needed, the local authority will try to send a representative; they cannot attend every annual review.

During the meeting

The annual review meeting should be a person centred planning meeting. The parent, child or young person must be fully involved. It must consider their views wishes and feelings, especially when making decisions.

The meeting is to:

  • review the special educational needs and consider whether there are any changes
  • review how well the outcomes in the EHC plan are being met and whether the long term targets remain challenging and appropriate
  • review the provision and consider whether there are any changes required
  • set new targets for the next year, which the school will work towards outside of the EHCP
  • focus on preparing for adulthood if they are 13 years old and over
  • review whether the EHCP is still needed or if they can be supported within ordinarily available mainstream resources
  • make clear who needs to take further action and what changes to the plan are to be recommended to the local authority, if any

After the meeting

The school or setting will write a report on what was discussed. A copy will be sent to you, everyone invited to the meeting and to the local authority within two weeks of the meeting or by the end of the term (whichever is sooner).

The local authority will review your child’s EHCP. They will then write to you within four weeks of the meeting date to let you know whether the EHC Plan is to be changed.

Support and advice

For concerns about the arrangements of the meeting, you can contact the school or setting.

You can also contact Essex SEND Information, Advice and Support (IAS) Service. They provide support and advice to parents/carers and young people with SEND.

Further information