Entertainment and Leisure

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For young people, taking part in sport and leisure activities can lead to many more benefits than just keeping fit and healthy:

  • A sense of achievement when learning something new
  • Experiencing new places and making new friends
  • Exploring imagination and creativity
  • Being part of a sports team and competing against others

There are lots of organisations in Essex that offer inclusive activities for children and young people with learning difficulties or disabilities. These include performing arts clubs, sports lessons, youth clubs and activity days and breaks (see right).

Active Essex has a Sport and Activity Finder which allows you to search for a wide range of sports facilities, clubs, and venues in your area. They have also created another Activity Finder for inclusive clubs and sports in Essex.

The town and borough councils offer lots of different leisure activities. Many of the sports clubs and leisure centres in your local area have enhanced access arrangements for people with disabilities, and many provide activities and sports targeted at people with disabilities

What is available in each town or borough council area varies and you can find out more about this at the A-Z List of Councils in Essex. The site includes information about leisure centres, theatre, museums and parks.

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