Co-Production and Consultation

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Co-Production and Consultation

Did you know?

Under the Children and Families Act 2014, every local authority has to engage with providers and families in terms of the planning, publishing and reviewing of the Local Offer.

What does coproduction mean?

It means that Essex County Council has been working with young people, parents/carers and practitioners and using their combined skills and creativity to shape the Essex Local Offer. The concept of coproduction means all parties need to be involved in the planning, designing and delivery stages throughout the process.

What does consultation mean?

It means that Essex County Council has been gathering views through participation, feedback and involvement at family groups, classes and conferences. We have been seeking opinions and comments over the last two years from families and professionals about the Essex Local Offer.

You can see below how families, young people and professionals from across Essex have helped us in the development of their Local Offer.

Essex Family Forum Logo The Essex Family Forum is a well-informed, connected and empowered community of families that includes children and young people 0-25 with disabilities and/or additional needs. They work in partnership with organisations,  the local authority and health commissioners aiming for quality outcomes that meet the needs of all Essex families. The Essex Family Forum have, and continue to work closely with us to support and champion the Essex Local Offer and provide feedback for its on-going development.
Young Essex Assembly Logo The Young Essex Assembly (YEA) is made up of 75 young people from Essex who have been elected to represent young people in the county and to campaign to make a positive difference to their lives. YEA members will be listened to by the county council and by other groups working with or for young people. Children and Young People from the Young Essex Assembly took part in a research exercise in March 2015, where they gave their views about the Local Offer. These views were shared with our Local Offer Monitoring and Review multi-agency group and we responded to their suggestions. We are keen to ensure that the Local Offer appeals to a younger audience and that this will encourage more young people to access it.
Essex County Council Logo Contact Essex is a service where the general public can contact to make general enquiries about Essex County Council. We have worked with Contact Essex Advisors, detailing what information is published on the Local Offer, so that they are better able to direct your calls. Their feedback has also helped identify gaps within the site.
Inclusive Communication Essex Logo Inclusive Communication Essex is a service within Essex County Council that aims to help people with communication difficulties to understand and be understood so that they can be more actively involved in the world around them. Staff within the ICE service have played an important role, using their connections across the county and beyond, to make sure that the Local Offer is accessible for people with additional needs.
harlow college Harlow College is a Further Education College in West Essex, with students accessing a range of vocational courses, A levels, Apprenticeships and Higher Education. We have worked with Harlow College since May 2015 in a number of projects. Photography students built up a library of images to be used on the site, making the site more visual. Additionally, 2 groups of media students took part in creating two animations for the Local Offer, one about what the Local Offer is, which can be found on the home page and another on Preparing for Adulthood.
chelmsford college Chelmsford College is a Further Education College in Mid Essex, with students accessing a range of programmes across a range of academic, professional and vocational disciplines. The extended learning group within Chelmsford College were able to feedback their ideas about the Local Offer website particularly, what they liked and disliked, through a questionnaire. We intend to work with this group in Chelmsford to gather further views from the young people that will be used in the development of the Local Offer.
Special Needs and Parents (SNAP) is a charity in Essex that helps families and children and young people who have SEND. They provide services to both children and parents as well as maintain an online directory of organisations and advice services for SEND. SNAP conducted focus groups during 2016, to seek parents and young people’s feedback on the Local Offer on the design, accessibility and overall usability of the website.
Multi Schools Council Logo The multi-schools council is made up of pupils from SEN and mainstream schools across Essex and are committed to breaking down any negative perceptions towards people with a disability or a special educational need by putting the children at the centre of ideas and recommendation papers to ensure their thoughts are being listened to. Multi-schools council meetings have been held across Essex during 2017/18 where the children and young people were presented with the Local Offer website and encouraged to feedback their thoughts and ideas. We are keen to attract a younger audience to the Local Offer and will be working closely with these groups to add more drawings and pictures as well as gaining their feedback and recommendations.
YOU – the public The Essex Local Offer has a feedback button in the top bar. Throughout the past two years we have gathered comments, suggestions and opinions in order to develop the site. We have a better understanding of what people like and dislike about the website, and this information informs the Local Offer Editorial Group in their plans to improve and continue to build the website.

Feedback gained from children and young people with SEND as well as their parent carers and professionals have helped develop the Essex Local Offer.