Coronavirus – Essex Therapy Teams Ways of Working

In March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic meant that NHS and Social Care teams across the UK had to reduce, change or close services. This was to be able to follow social distancing rules or as a result of staff needing to be redeployed to support the response.

Across Essex, the response to the pandemic has varied. Some teams needed to scale back to ‘skeleton’ services or close, while others changed the way they offered services.  They have been working hard to deliver a safe service for children and families, as well as the settings they support.  Teams are still working hard to change how they deliver their services and adapt to the changing situation.

As a result, the principles below have been agreed to support settings, schools and services:

  • All local teams are operating in line with the Infection Prevention and Control Guidance (GOV IPC)
  • Therapists employed by NHS will follow their local Trust’s guidance which reflects the GOV IPC above.
  • Each local team will have clear information about their current model and guidance available to them.
  • Each local team will have up to date information on their website and the Essex Local Offer.
  • Wherever possible, all services will continue to offer a range of delivery options, including virtually, face-to-face or by telephone consultation.
  • Any face to face contact will based on a risk assessment, according to clinical needs across all local provider teams.
  • If, at any point redeployment is needed, this will be considered based on needs and skill set of staff. It will be agreed with local commissioners and with a plan in place to minimise the impact on children and families.
  • Any changes in capacity due to Covid-19 or redeployment will be communicated with everyone, including all parents/carers and professionals.
  • Any redeployment will be for a defined period of time. This will be regularly reviewed and a return will be initiated sooner rather than later.

 What to do if you have a concern

If schools or parents have concerns about the way that services are being offered, please discuss them with your local therapist in the first instance.


* Updated 29 March 2021