Coronavirus Transition FAQs – Emotional Wellbeing

My child or young person is worried they will get lost at big school. How can I reassure them?

It is not unusual for children and young people to worry about this when they are going to a different school.  Staff and pupils will be on hand to help when they start.

You could also check the school website for a map of the building or contact the school for a copy.

My child is feeling confused and anxious about the way their school year has ended, how can I support them?

Schools know and understand that there was no time for pupils to say their goodbyes, and the impact this may have had.  They will be preparing to support the emotional wellbeing of their children and young people in September.

My child has autism and doesn’t understand the pandemic. How can I explain it in a way they will understand?

The Essex Local Offer has a dedicated page on supporting children and young people with autism during this time. See the Coronavirus – Support for Autism page.

My child or young person is starting at a new early years setting, school or college and is worried about making friends and getting to know new adults, what can I do to help?

Early years settings, schools and colleges will be contacting you to share this information. This may include sharing of photographs or other creative ways to help children and young people get to know other pupils and staff.

Schools will also be prioritising social opportunities during the school day, mindful of social distancing rules.

Will my child be expected to start lessons straight away in September or will they be given an opportunity to talk about their concerns and worries?

During any transition period, it is important that children and young people talk about their concerns and are supported to cope with any changes. Schools will be thinking of ways to prevent and manage anxiety, and build time for this into the day.

My child’s EHCP clearly shows what support they are entitled to receive when they start back at school. Will this still look the same due to the COVID-19 breakout?

The government has temporarily changed some aspects of the law around EHCP’s and what schools can provide during this time. Schools will be discussing the EHCP provision with you and your child or young person. A temporary ‘reasonable endeavours plan’ will be agreed and put in place.

Read more on reasonable endeavours.