Coronavirus Transition FAQs – Sharing Information

I have missed the 15 January 2020 application deadline and haven’t applied for a school place for my child, what should I do?

You should make a late application using one of the forms below (even if your child is in the process of an assessment):

If your child or young person has an EHCP, contact your SEND Operations team for an update.

How will transition be different and what will remain the same?                                         

The start date and start time, how long your child is at their early years setting, school or college, how many pupils are attending on one day, clubs and how the early years setting, school or college environment looks, might be different.

However, working in partnership with you and your child to prepare for the transition will remain the same. You and your child will still be asked for their views.

How will early years setting, schools and colleges plan and be ready for my child?

They will gather information directly from families, existing or previous settings.

Will we be able to visit the early years setting, school or college and meet with staff before September?

They will be thinking about how to do this differently this year. They might organise virtual tours and meetings or have conversations over the phone.

What happens if my child or young person requires specialist equipment before starting an early years setting, school or college?

Your child or young person’s health professional will work with the school and Specialist Teacher to make sure the equipment is in place.