Early Intervention (HI)

The NHS Newborn Hearing Screening Programme aims to identify all children born with moderate to profound permanent bilateral deafness within 4-5 weeks of birth. Immediate referrals are made to audiology to ensure appropriate assessments are made, and suitable support put in place for deaf children and their families. This will include a referral to the Specialist Teaching and Preschool Service for early intervention.

Early intervention aims to empower parents of hearing impaired children to make informed choices about early communication and support options, which will facilitate effective parent-child interactions in the first few months of life.

Information about education for deaf children in the early years is available on the National Deaf Children’s Society’s website.

Essex Early Intervention Programme

The early days … with Jamie

George (aged 11 months)

John’s early years’ progress – establishing the regular use of hearing aids has had a positive impact on the development of John’s listening, interaction and language skills.

The following resources, published by the National Deaf Children’s Society, are useful for parents:

  • Helping your deaf child to develop communication and language (0-2 years)