Gym Trail

Specialist Teachers can advise and train schools on the use of gym trails for pupils of primary age.

A gym trail is a circuit of motor co-ordination activities carried out on a regular basis providing a structured approach to supporting pupils with movement and co-ordination difficulties.

Pupils of primary age who exhibit motor co-ordination difficulties have been shown to benefit from participating in a gym trail. These include:

  • Poor posture and gait
  • Weak spatial awareness
  • Co-ordination difficulties with PE
  • Difficulty in planning and carrying out a motor activity
  • Difficulties developing hand dominance
  • Immature drawing skills
  • Slow, inaccurate copying/writing skills
  • Poorly presented work
  • A mismatch between general understanding and the ability to record information
  • Difficulty dressing and doing fastenings
  • Poor organisational skills
  • Pupils with a diagnosis of developmental co-ordination disorder (DCD can also be known as dyspraxia)

This leaflet provides more information on what a gym trail looks like, and how to set one up.

Note: If a child has support from an Occupational Therapist or a physiotherapist, always seek their advice before involving the child in a gym trail.