National Organisations for Hearing Impairment

National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS)

The NDCS are the leading charity for deaf children and young people, offering information and advice.

Visit the National Deaf Children’s Society website.

British Sign UK

British Sign UK have online courses for people wanting to learn British Sign Language.

Visit the British Sign UK website.

Adult Community Learning

The ACL also have courses for learning British Sign Language. Use the search tool to find a course.

Visit the Adult Community Learning website.


Signature is the awarding body for British Sign Language and they offer local courses.  They also offer BSL Homework if you need extra practice.

Visit the Signature website.

Signed Stories

Signed Stories have animated children’s stories in sign language.

Visit the Signed Stories website.

Association of Lipspeakers

A lipspeaker is a hearing person trained to repeat a speakers message accurately, using clear communication techniques, either with or without voice.  If requested, some lipspeakers can also offer sign support.

Search the website to find a lipspeaker in your local area if you need support for doctor appointments, for example.

Visit the Association of Lipspeakers website.