Intensive Interaction

Preschool Specialist Teachers and Family Support Keyworkers may use the intensive interaction approach with individual children whom they are supporting as part of the Good Beginnings programme.

?’Intensive Interaction is an approach for teaching communication to children who are still at a very early stage of communication, and are experiencing significant difficulties in learning to communicate. It is based on research into parent-infant interaction and focuses on teaching the fundamentals of communication:

  • learning about proximity and sharing personal space
  • learning to give , extend and share attention with another person
  • learning how to have fun with other people – how to play
  • learning how to take turns in exchanges of behaviour
  • learning to use and understand eye contact and facial expression
  • learning to use and understand physical contact within social interactions
  • learning about non-verbal communication such as gesture and body language
  • learning to use and understand vocalisations, developing more and varied vocalisations that gradually become more precise and meaningful
  • learning to regulate and control emotional responses

Case studies

Matthew’s story

Intensive Interaction Coordinator: Susi Stephenson