Basildon Activity Club

Basildon Activity Club is a weekly club for disabled children and young people.  The club can help to build independence, self-esteem, confidence and improve wellbeing.

Activities include:

  • arts and crafts
  • cooking
  • board games
  • wii competitions
  • outdoor games
  • foot spa/manicure
  • table tennis
  • pool table games


£3.30 per hour.

Who the service provides for

12 to 15 year olds with SEND.

Hours of operation

Fridays, 4pm to 6pm

How the service is accessed

Call or email.

Phone number

Lydia 07970 081178, Akile 07423 527385

Operational locations

  • Basildon


Trenham Community Centre
Wilner, Ashlyns
SS13 1HE