Candles – Down Syndrome Support Group

About Candles


Candles are a parent led Community Support Group for Families with Down Syndrome and SEN, in the Colchester, Tendring, Babergh, Maldon, and Braintree Districts. They are an affiliate to the Down’s Syndrome Association. 

They run Activities, Events, Clubs, and specialist sessions, to promote Development, Confidence, Independence, and Positive Awareness in our Community for Children and Families with Down Syndrome, so they can reach their full potential. 

They are affiliated with the Down Syndrome Association, and get advice from Down Syndrome Extra 21 and Upwards with Downs very frequently.

They also provide support, and want to give people the opportunity to access training and vital information, for parents/carers and interested professionals.

It is essential for Parents/Carers be able to seek support, advice, and guidance from those who know, understand, and can share information about experiences and resources.

Trying to be inclusive and provide equal access to opportunities and resources to people who might otherwise be excluded due to physical or mental disabilities.



Free Mondays and Fridays

£3 per session for weekends,

£10 per 6 months on Tuesdays and you can borrow up to 4 toys a month

£3 per family per session on Thursdays once a month 4-6pm after school session, siblings welcome.


Hours of operation

Every other Monday from 10th January 2022 9.30 - 11am.
Every other Tuesday from 18th January 2022 12.45 - 2.45pm
Every Friday currently 1-3pm
2nd Saturdays every other month from 8th January 2022 1-3pm
2nd Sundays every other month from 13th February 2022 1-3pm

How the service is accessed

Diagnosis Needed

Phone number



Rowhedge Road