Child Assessment & Development Unit (CADU)

The Children’s Assessment and Development Unit (CADU), accepts referrals from Colchester based Paediatricians for children up to the age of five.

The process of assessment is multi-disciplinary in that a range of observations and assessments are carried out in order to identify possible areas in which the child and their family may need additional help and support.

The assessment includes appointments for an A.D.O.S. (Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule); an observation within the nursery/pre-school or school setting and another in the home environment. A final appointment takes place in CADU for the last assessment, feedback from involved professionals (eg. Health Visitors / Education), and plan.

Children referred in will be seen by a Specialist Nursery Nurse, a Specialist Health Visitor / Health Visitor and /or a Speech and Language Practitioner as well as a Paediatrician. Staff will be available during assessment to answer any questions and guide the whole family through the process.

Follow up after the assessment process may include signposting to further support/intervention groups; one off contact with parents by telephone and/or referral to associated practitioners.

Who the service provides for

The Children’s Assessment and Development Unit accepts referrals from the Paediatric team for children up to the age of five, where a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder may be appropriate.

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday 9am-5pm

How the service is accessed

The service is by referral from the Paediatric team only.

Phone number

01206 746547 (CADU Administration Hub) / 01206 747474 (Colchester Hospital)

Operational locations

  • Colchester
  • Tendring


The Primary Care Centre
Turner Road