Children and Young People with Disabilities Service (CYPWD)

The Children and Young People with Disabilities Service (CYPWD) supports children and young people, aged 0 to 25 with special education needs and/or disabilities, to reach their full potential.

The service enables a smooth transition from childhood into adulthood.

A number of teams work together within the service, to support the children, families and young people that are eligible for support:

The CWD social work team works with children from 0 to 16 years old.
At around their 16th birthday, the child will transfer from a CWD social worker, to a YPWD social worker.
The YPWD team work with the young person and their family to prepare them for adult life, before transferring them to an adult social work team.
A young person will transfer to an adult team once they have completed their education. The transfer of case responsibility can be any time up to 25 years.
The CAYPS team supports the social work remit by delivering outcome focussed interventions which supports the child/young person and the parents/family.
PFA Advisors work with young people from Year 9 within an education setting. They offer support and guidance to help the young person progress in education and prepare for adult life.
The Occupational Therapy service provides equipment and advice and support with adaptions, to children and young people, aged 0 to 25, with physical disabilities.
Essex is one of the largest local authorities in the UK so Essex County Council services are split into four geographical areas.  These are called quadrants.

Teams are co-located across the county to cover all four quadrants:
  • Mid (Chelmsford)
  • South (Basildon)
  • North (Colchester)
  • West (Harlow)

Who the service provides for

Children and young adults aged between 0 and 25 who have assessed needs (special educational needs and/or disabilities).

Hours of operation

Monday to Thursday, 9am to 5pm

Friday, 9am to 4:30pm

How the service is accessed

If you are a family member and would like to make a new referral for a child up to the age of 18, please telephone 0345 603 7627.

To make a referral for young adults aged 18 and over, please email or telephone 0345 603 7630.

Professionals can request support via the online portal.

Operational locations

  • Essex