Children and Young People with Disabilities – Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Service

The Occupational Therapy and Rehabilitation Service at Essex County Council supports children and young people who have a substantial and long term disability up to the age of 18 years, or up to 25 years when still in education.

How the service supports

An occupational therapist will visit your home to find out which daily activities are challenging.  They will work with you to make improvements.  This might be through:

  • finding others ways to do activities
  • advice and information
  • loaning specialist equipment (such as bathing or seating)
  • making minor adaptations (such as installing handrails or half steps)
  • making major adaptations (such as a stairlift or ramped access)

Paying for major adaptations

If an occupational therapist decides a major adaption is needed, they will discuss options on how to fund this with you.

The Disabled Facilities Grant can be used to pay for major adaptations, for example. See the Disabled Facilities Grant page on the GOV.UK website.


The team also support children and young people who have a visual impairment and have been issued with a Certificate of Visual Impairment by their hospital.

A Rehabilitation Officer will work with the child or young person and their family to assess their sensory abilities and provide advice, support and training to help minimise the impact of visual loss.

Children or young people with a visual impairment are supported to use public transport, to carry out daily living activities, to communicate and to make use of residual vision.

How to access

Your social worker can refer you for an assessment.

You can also contact the Family Operation Hub or complete an online request for support.

More information

  • NHS Physiotherapy/Occupational Therapy – the NHS also provides an Occupational Therapy service (this is usually for more short term support).
  • Wheelchair services – Essex County Council does not provide wheelchairs. Wheelchair services are a health service. You will need a referral from a health worker – this might be a GP, physiotherapist or health occupational therapist.

How the service is accessed

Self referral
Social worker referral

Phone number

0345 603 7627

Operational locations

  • Essex