The Communication Trust

The Communication Trust is a coalition of more than 50 not-for-profit organisations, who provide support to children and young people with Speech, Language and Communication Needs (SLCN).

The members of the Communication Trust offer a variety of services and information to all families in England. Some services are provided free, while others have a fee. Those with a fee are suitable for families with personal budgets, or can be purchased by schools, the local authority and/or the local NHS clinical commissioning group.

On the Communication Trust’s Local Offer page you will find a brief description of the services provided by each organisation, and can click on each one to find out more detail about its services.

Please visit the Communication Trust’s Local Offer webpage which:

• Lists all the Communication Trust’s members
• Has a direct clickable link to each organisation’s website
• Has a short summary of services that can be accessed by all families
• Includes telephone helpline phone numbers that are available to all families
• Includes clickable links to all email helplines that are available to all families

It is just one page and is designed to enable you to click through to the service that best suits you as quickly as possible – just one click.

Who the service provides for

Children with speech, language and communication needs, their families, and practitioners who support them.

Hours of operation

These vary based on service

How the service is accessed

There are a range of services accessed in different ways.

Operational locations

  • National