Community Transport

Community transport is for people in Essex who cannot make use of usual public transport either because of age, disability or where they live.

The transport schemes offered are different across Essex but might include:

  • social car
  • dial a ride
  • community bus journeys

Find what is available where you live on the Community transport page of the Essex Highways website, by emailing or calling 03457 430430.

The schemes are often run as charities and rely on volunteers to help.

Normally journeys will have to be booked in advance, but some schemes may be more flexible. Community transport services are suitable for infrequent regular journeys, such as shopping, visiting friends or families, medical appointments, weekly attendance at day centres or organised day trips to local attractions.

This video explains what community transport is.

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday, 9.30am to 4pm.

Phone number

03457 430 430

Operational locations

  • Essex


County Hall