Education, Health and Care needs assessment Case Studies

Since September 2014, a new process has been in place for the assessment of a child/young person’s education, health and care needs. Listening to, and learning from, the experience of parents involved in this process is helping to inform services on ways to develop and improve the process. We are grateful to those parents who have given constructive feedback, and have been willing to share their insights with other families who have yet to become involved in the assessment process.

The assessment process – a parent’s perspective

Maria and her family live in Saffron Walden. She tells us about her experience of the assessment process and gives other parents her 3 top tips.

"It is both emotional and heart-warming to realise we came through this and we will be forever thankful for the team of professionals who helped us, and Luca!"

She reflects on

  • how far the people involved, and the planning process in general, focused on her child as individual
  • the opportunities given for her to express her views, wishes and feelings
  • how far she was involved in making decisions
  • how the people involved in the assessment and planning process communicated, so that she did not have to retell her story repeatedly
  • how easy it was to understand the process and steps involved

Operational locations

  • Essex