Enhanced Provisions for SEMH

SEMH enhanced provisions are for children and young people who need more targeted support for their social, emotional and mental health developmental needs.

The Essex approach to understanding behaviour and supporting wellbeing is Trauma Perspective Practice (TPP). It has the following values: compassion and kindness, hope, connection and belonging. All SEMH enhanced provisions use this approach.

Each enhanced provision offers small classes, which are secure and reliable. Children and young people are supported to learn by experiencing safe, stable, and consistent care from adults within a structured environment.


Children and young people will: 

  • experience a more targeted holistic curriculum so that they can make progress with their social and emotional development
  • learn to feel safe, use their curiosity, improve self-esteem and develop confidence through close and trusting relationships with adults
  • remain on roll of their local mainstream school and return to this school
  • make sure each child has access to the most appropriate provision to meet their needs
  • be able to access the curriculum and participate in school life

Schools will be supported to meet the needs of the child or young person and learn from best practice.  Provisions will also work with class teachers, outside agencies other settings and parents to plan a consistent approach to be used both at school and at home

Criteria for placement

The primary/secondary SEMH provisions are different to all the other enhanced provisions. Namely:

  • a child doesn’t need an EHCP to access the support at the provision
  • the child does not have to be on roll at the school that hosts the SEMH enhanced provision
  • the host school will need to be engaged in the graduated approach to plan and review the child or young person’s SEMH needs regularly through One Planning.


The school where the child is on roll will need to complete the request for support paperwork and submit this to the Primary Alternative Provision Panel (PAPP) in their quadrant.

The panel is made up of a selection of people from the following; SEND Inclusion Partners, Educational Psychologists, Education Access team members, the most local Pupil Referral Unit, headteachers from other schools and a representative from the SEMH enhanced provision.

Panels usually meet once each half term.

Length of time at the enhanced provision

SEMH enhanced provisions typically provide a time limited intervention for children and young people. This is usually a period of two terms (there may be occasional exceptions to this where one to four terms is seen as most appropriate, based on the settings offer).

A child or young person will return to their local mainstream school (reintegration) after all professionals, the parents/carers and the child or young person have discussed this.  If it is agreed that reintegration is likely to be purposeful, the process for returning will start.

Provisions and host schools

Provision Host school Quadrant
GROW Clacton White Hall Academy North East
GROW Colchester (North) Braiswick Primary North East
GROW Colchester (South) Monkwick Juniors North East
GROW Braintree Lyons Hall Primary Mid
GROW Chelmsford Newlands Spring Primary Mid
Acorn Lambourne Primary West
GROW Harlow Cooks Spinney Primary West
Phoenix Magna Carta Primary West
Rainbow White Bridge Primary West
Atrium Briscoe Primary South
Restart Canvey Island Junior South
The Arc Ghyllgrove Primary South

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