Essex Educational Psychology (EP) Service

Essex Educational Psychologists (EPs) offer independent professional advice to:

  • children and young people up to 25
  • families
  • pre-schools, schools and colleges

An EP applies psychology (the study of thinking, learning and behaviour) to support the learning, development and wellbeing of children and young people. Many Essex EPs have specialist skills in areas such as autism, behaviour, literacy and mental health.

An EP might be a good choice to help with significant learning or behaviour difficulties which are complicated, difficult to understand or have not improved with the support already in place.

Using the service

A setting, school or the local authority may ask for an EP to become involved.  This is usually to investigate needs in more depth or to help plan support. Parents and young people will always be asked for permission and involved in all steps of this process.

The EP will work in a person centred way to plan how to support a child or young person depending on his or her needs. Their work might include talking with the child or young person, psychological testing, observing in class and speaking with key staff and family members. This information will be used to plan what to do next.

Sometimes an EP will support in other ways, for example, by training the staff in the setting that the child or young person attends.

Helpline for parents and young people

Parents and young people with concerns about their child’s, their own learning or other psychological needs can contact the helpline which is available every Monday afternoon during term time. An EP will listen to your concerns and discuss ideas, and help you consider what to do next.

The helpline is available every Monday afternoon during term time, between 1pm and 5pm. Call: 01245 433293.

Hear from an Essex EP:

Hours of operation

The helpline is available every Monday afternoon during term time, between 1pm and 5pm by calling 01245 433 293

Operational locations

  • Essex