Everyone Can

Everyone Can is a charity which provides assistive technology to people with disabilities.

Assistive Technology is any technology which can assist or help a disabled person with their everyday tasks and challenges.


Someone from the charity will do an assessment over the phone. If more information is needed, they then carry out a home visit free of charge.

After an assessment, the professional will write a report which tells you which specific equipment or settings you might need to make a difference to the disabled person’s life.  They do not fund this but will point you in the direction of different funding options.

Assistive Technology workshops

Everyone Can run workshops on different types of technology including programmes for computers, phones and tablets. These workshops include demonstrations and sharing of case studies of how assistive technology has positively impacted the independence and confidence of disabled people.

Hours of operation

The phone line is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

How the service is accessed

Phone 0808 800 0009 or fill out the contact form online: https://www.everyonecan.org.uk/about-us/contact-us/#form


Disabled people can self-refer (contact us themselves) or can be referred by others, such as family members, carers, health professionals or education professionals.

Phone number

0808 800 0009

Operational locations

  • Essex


Floor 1
25 School Road
M33 7XX