Global Mediation – Independent Mediation in Essex

The Children and Families Act 2014 and the SEN Code of Practice 2015 says that each local authority must have its own independent mediation service. Global Mediation provides SEN services for Essex County Council.

Global Mediation offer mediation advice, mediation services and disagreement resolution services. These services are free for parents, carers and young people. Mediation aims to help resolve disagreements for children and young people that are being assessed for or have an Education Health and Care Plan.


Mediation is a confidential process (unless there are child protection issues).  It takes place in a safe, neutral environment that allows for everyone to be heard and understood.

If you want to register an appeal with the Tribunal, you must receive mediation advice first (there are some exceptions to this). You can then decide whether to appeal with the Tribunal or try to resolve the disagreement first by going to a mediation.

Disagreement resolution arrangements

The disagreement resolution service is for parents of all children and young people with SEN, not just those who are being assessed for or have an Education Health and Care Plan.

The service helps resolves disagreements about anything to do with SEN provision. It also helps to resolve health and social care disagreements during the EHC needs assessment and EHC plan processes.

Who the service provides for

Parents, carers and young people.

Phone number

0800 064 4488

Operational locations

  • Essex