Good Beginnings Course

Who is this course for?

For parents/carers of Early Years children aged 5 or under, who have autism or social communication needs.

The aim is to help parents/carers to enhance their understanding of their child’s strengths and needs through:

• Current strategy and information sharing.
• Creating a foundation for a parent/carer support network.
• Supporting decision making and developing good practice.
• Supporting understanding regarding processes around education and health.

A diagnosis of autism is not needed to access Good Beginnings

Content includes guidance and strategies for:

• Understanding autism
• Communication
• Play
• Sensory processing
• Behaviour is communication
• Eating, sleeping and toileting
• Managing Anxiety

Developed in collaboration with:

• Speech and Language Therapist
• Occupational Therapist
• Emotional Wellbeing and Mental Health Service
• Inclusion partners
• Engagement Facilitators
• Senior Specialist Educational Psychologists (Autism spectrum)


This is a 10-week course which runs every term, via weekly pre-recorded webinars for parent/carers to watch at home. The course is available at a time that suits you!

Each webinar is followed by a weekly live question and answer session accessed via Microsoft Teams. The day and time of each week’s question and answer session will be confirmed once places have been allocated.

Booking details:

To express your interest in attending Good Beginnings, please click here. Due to high demand, it may be necessary to add your details to a waiting list for the next course with availability.

Another source of support:

Supporting your Neurodiverse Child

An information pack to help families with a neurodiverse child navigate the support that is available in Essex. Includes practical interventions, resources, hints and tips based on the lived experiences of local families.

Please follow this link to download your free copy.

Although a diagnosis of autism is not needed to access Good Beginnings, if you complete the expression of interest form via the link, you will be asked whether your child has a diagnosis so we can adapt the delivery of Good Beginnings to suit the cohort of parent/carers attending.

Operational locations

  • Essex