The Habbit Factory

The Habbit Factory is a fully inclusive theatre company which works with people aged 6 years old and above, with and without SEND.

The staff and volunteers adapt to each individual’s needs so that it is a playful and safe environment for everyone.

They teach acting, singing, and dancing at the weekly sessions.  The group leaders create a fun space for everyone to build their skills and confidence to perform in front of large audiences; which they all get to do in one of their yearly shows, performed at popular local theatres.


To book, email and go through the sign-up process.


You can either pay per week, month or term. Whatever suits you best.  This is paid by cash or online transfer.

Who the service provides for

6 to 17 year olds (with and without SEND).

Hours of operation

Monday to Friday, 12pm to 9.30pm.

How the service is accessed

Call or email.

Phone number

07985 377781

Operational locations

  • Romford