Kaleidoscope Occupational Therapy

Kaleidoscope was set up to help young people and adults on the Autistic Spectrum (including Aspergers Syndrome) to develop skills to manage difficulties associated with their condition. We offer functional and sensory assessments to establish how a person is managing their everyday activities as well as interventions to become more capable and confident.

Kaleidoscope has a focus on helping people to achieve in academia and the workplace. This could be specific skills development, such as becoming more capable of living independently, improving abilities in the community and organising oneself. We also offer support around managing change, social interactions and social skills training (based on the NAS Socialeyes Programme).

Kaleidoscope can liaise with Universities or Employers on how to best support a person on the Spectrum. We can offer advice and support around the Equality Act (2010) and potential reasonable adjustments.

Who the service provides for

Young people and adults on the Autistic Spectrum (including Aspergers)

How the service is accessed

Self referral via email or telephone call.

Phone number

07422 556904

Operational locations

  • Essex