Paediatric services at BTUH provide both acute paediatric and neonatal clinical care for children and young people aged 0-16 year olds.

The neonatal clinical services unit is a level 2 unit, providing care for a maximum of 21 babies. The unit provides care for a maximum of 21 babies requiring intensive care, alongside high dependency and special care facilities for babies that are born over 27 weeks gestation.

The unit works within the East of England network and feeds into the Royal London for babies requiring Level 3 and tertiary care. The specialist neonatal staff provides specialist care for oscillation therapy, phototherapy, exchange transfusions and echocardiography.
The unit is supported by the medical staff as detailed below and a specialist team of nursing staff with extensive neonatal skills and knowledge. A number of the nurses have obtained Specialist Neonatal Qualifications and are led by the Neonatal Matron. At present the unit does not have Advanced Neonatal Practitioners but this is an area that we are keen to develop.

Acute Paediatric clinical service provides acute clinical care to children and young people aged 0 – 16 year olds requiring both medical and surgical care.
The service provides the nursing care within the Children’s Emergency Department, working in conjunction with the Acute Medical Division and is responsible for the paediatric inpatient wards, 24 beds, 6 paediatric day care beds and the paediatric outpatient department.
The Children’s Emergency Department (CED) provides a mixture of emergency and ambulatory care for children and young people. There are clear pathways of care for patients referred by other healthcare professionals and the service is developing a number of nurse led procedures and paediatric advanced nursing roles.

Puffin & Wagtail Wards provide 24 acute inpatient beds and 6 day care beds for children and young people requiring both medical and surgical care in a mixture of bays and cubicles. The service provides high dependency care and working in conjunction with the Children’s Acute Transport service and other tertiary hospitals in London for patients requiring intensive and more specialised care.

The Children’s Outpatient Department provides an appropriate clinical environment for children and young people being seen by Paediatric consultants and other specialty teams. We run nurse led clinics for Allergy testing, and also provide a dedicated Paediatric Phlebotomy service for children aged less than 5 years or those with specific educational needs.

The unit is supported by a team of medical staff led by the Paediatric Clinical Lead and 9 other Paediatric Consultants. All Paediatric Consultants our General Paediatricians that also have a speciality interest that include; diabetes, gastroenterology, neurology, ambulatory, respiratory and oncology. The consultant team is supported by a team of 22 junior doctors; 9 middle grades, 13 SHO’s and 2 FY1’s. The junior medical team is supplied by the East of England and London Schools of Paediatrics, with foundation trainees and Student medical staff being based within UCLH.

Who the service provides for

Children aged 0-16

Phone number

0845 155311

Operational locations

  • Basildon
  • Brentwood
  • Thurrock


Basildon Hospital
SS16 5NL