Provision Guidance Toolkit Extension materials

The Specialist Teaching and Preschool Service has collaborated with the Educational Psychology Service to support the development of the Essex Provision Guidance Toolkit (PGT). Each section of the Toolkit contains information and advice on recommended interventions to support pupils with SEND at three different levels:

  • High Quality Teaching (HQT) – the foundation of all teaching, assessment and intervention for all pupils with SEND
  • Additional School Intervention (ASI) – building on quality first teaching where a pupil may need more input and advice may be sought from professionals to support individual assessment interventions
  • High Needs (HN) – for pupils with more complex or enduring needs, whose effective access to the curriculum and learning require coordinated and highly personalised advice and support

The Specialist Teaching and Preschool Service is developing a bank of extension materials linked to advice and recommended interventions in the following sections of the PGT:

These resources draw upon on evidence-based research and interventions and have been generated through our work with practitioners in Essex schools and the parents/carers of children supported by these practitioners. They are regularly reviewed and comments/suggestions are welcome:

Operational locations

  • Essex