Residential Services for Adults with Disabilities

Learning disability and autism residential services provide accommodation and care for:

  • adults with complex needs who may not be able to live independently, even with support
  • adults with less complex needs who may benefit from residential care at certain points of their lives

There are generally two types of residential accommodation:

  • shared houses
  • individual units (similar to flats)

Shared houses

In shared houses, adults get their own bedroom and share services and amenities with other adults also living there.

Catering, activities and amenities are provided.

Individual units

In individual units, adults have their own kitchen, bathroom and lounge.

The home may also have some communal facilities.

How to access

You need a social care assessment to find out your care and support needs. Adult social care will let you know if residential care is a good housing option for you.

Who the service provides for

16 year olds and above with a disability.

How the service is accessed

Social worker referral.

Phone number

0345 603 7630

Operational locations

  • Essex