SEN Partnership

The Specialist Teaching and Preschool Service provides a team of SEN Partnership Workers (SENPWs) to support effective relationships between education professionals and parents with children with SEND. They may visit parents (or contact them in alternative ways) and facilitate events, for example meetings to develop improved home/school collaboration.

The SEN Partnership Workers aim to support education professionals to ensure that parents feel welcome in the school, comfortable and well informed about meetings and better connected to their child’s learning. In doing so, they form relationships with education professionals and parents, so the process of furthering a child’s education can become a collaboration between the child, their teachers and parents.

What difference can an SEN Partnership Worker make?

They support education professionals to ensure that families with children with SEND remain in control of their lives, gain a firm basis of knowledge about their child’s needs and communicate their expertise in a way that enables the family to:

  • make informed choices
  • be actively involved in decision making
  • become active partners in the planning around their child

They strive to nurture a context in which services can work in an integrated way within a single person-centered assessment and planning process

They work in partnership to promote the independence, resilience and well-being of children and young people with SEND and their families

What do they do?

They listen and learn in order to:

  • establish ways to maintain good communication between the family, the school and other important people in the child’s life
  • encourage the co-production of SEN support plans
  • support families to develop positive behaviour management – to help their child to understand and keep within set boundaries
  • develop the best ways for the family to support their child’s learning and development
  • explore strategies to help develop the family’s emotional well-being

The SEN Partnership Workers support the organisation and facilitation of parent groups and courses, coach practitioners in facilitation skills and effective family liaison, and operate a Parent Telephone Helpline.

Operational locations

  • Essex


County Hall