Shared Lives Service

The Shared Lives scheme supports people aged 18 and over who have care and support needs. It provides accommodation and support, or regular stays or visits, with an approved Shared Lives Host. Helping people gain the skills and confidence they need to live independent lives.

The scheme matches the person needing care and support to a compatible Shared Lives Host.

Please visit the website to find out more information.


How is Shared Lives accessed?

To be supported by Shared Lives, the person will need to be referred to the service by a Social Worker.

Discuss the option with your Social Worker if you would like to be supported by Shared Lives.

Once Essex Shared Lives learn of a new referral, a few steps need to be followed to onboard the adult in the scheme:

  1. The Shared Lives scheme will assess and decide whether it is a suitable referral
  2. Shared Lives will let the Social Worker know if the referral is suitable. If so, there are further steps to take:
  3. Social Worker presents the case at a forum with an independent panel and sends the Information to Service Placement Team.
  4. Should the placement be approved, Licences and Agreements are issued and regular support, monitoring of placement and respite breaks are arranged.

Find out more on the website.

Who the service provides for

People aged 18 and over who have care and support needs.

Hours of operation

We are available Monday to Thursday between 9am to 5pm, and on Fridays between 9am to 4:30pm.

Phone number

0333 013 8071


Essex Shared Lives Essex County Council E2 Zone 1, County Hall
Chelmsford, Essex