Small Great Things (SGT)

Invitation for Small Great Things Photo

Small Great Things (SGT) is a child-led initiative supported by adults in school settings. SGT is a small act that makes a massive difference for someone else.

SGT relates to the ‘Making Reasonable Adjustments’ duty in the:

Most steps or changes don’t cost anything. We can all make small changes in what we do and how we act. We don’t always need to buy expensive pieces of equipment or hire extra staff to make a difference.

Introducing Small Great Things to your school

To raise awareness, you could ask your school if you could make and display posters around the building, hold an assembly or have a SGT display board.

Making Small Great Things part of school life

The children and young people the SGT team have worked with suggested putting a SGT box in class so that classmates can nominate others for doing a small great thing, or having SGT Champions in school.

Celebrating Small Great Things

They also suggested certificates in assembly, stickers, display boards and newsletter articles as ways to celebrate those who have carried out a small, great thing.

Get involved

Essex County Council and the Multi Schools Council would like to invite schools to be part of Small Great Things. So if you think your class, your school council or your school would like to get involved with Small Great Things then please email:

Operational locations

  • Essex