Specialist Equipment for Essex Education Settings

Some children and young people with special educational needs will need extra equipment or aids to help them with their learning.  The Equality Act 2010 means that a school or setting must provide this so that they can fully participate in the education provided by the school.

If a child or young person attends a school or education setting maintained by the local authority, the equipment may be provided by the local authority (it depends on the child or young person’s need as schools are expected to provide some equipment as part of their duty to make reasonable adjustments). This means the equipment is owned by the local authority, but is used by the child or young person. The equipment remains in school and it is the school’s responsibility to look after it; keep it clean and use it as advised by the Specialist Teacher or other professional.

The equipment is returned to the local authority so that another child or young person can use it if:

  • the child/young person does not need it anymore
  • the child/young person moves out of Essex

Assessments for specialist equipment for use in education settings

Assessments for equipment are normally carried out by a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist, Speech and Language Therapist or a member of the Physical and Sensory Impairment Teaching team. A report will be written to explain reasons why the child or young person needs it, and the benefit for the child or young person.


Schools cover the equipment in their school insurance policy and claim for any loss or damage through this.

Who the service provides for

  • pupils with complex special educational needs and disabilities, who require specialist equipment to access their education in an Essex maintained education setting.
  • pre-school children who have been formally notified to the local authority (Section 23) who require specialist equipment to access their entitlement to nursery education in an Essex pre-school setting.

How the service is accessed

Education settings can access specialist equipment for individual pupils, following an assessment by a relevant therapist or Specialist Teacher.

Operational locations

  • Essex