Specialist School Nursing Service

The specialist school nursing service offers the opportunity to promote and provide ongoing support for children, young people and their families with additional and complex needs throughout their school lives from 3 to 19 years, both within special and mainstream schools.

The specialist school nurses act as a keyworker and advocate for children and families, recognising the importance of working together within a multidisciplinary team in meeting the needs of these children, young people and families.

The specialist school nursing offers competency based training for other health professionals, parents, carers and colleagues within education, enabling individuals to support these children and young people within special schools, mainstream schools and early years settings, whilst drawing up health plans in conjunction with others ensuring continuity of care.
This service plays a pivotal role in promoting social inclusion for children and families who through disability may find themselves disadvantaged.

Designated staff within the Specialist School Nursing Service support the delivery of the Aiming High for Disabled Children (AHDC) Programme increasing the range of choice of short breaks and improving the experience for Children, young people and their families. When required, they provide either 1:1 or group training to respite providers to enable them to accept a child/young person with a disability.

The overall aim of the specialist school nursing service is to facilitate the inclusion of children and young people with additional and complex health needs to access education settings. This includes special schools, mainstream settings, early years and community settings.

The specialist school nurses oversee the health needs of these children and young people and work closely with other health professionals, education, and social care, so to help improve health outcomes of children.

The service works closely with families in providing health care plans. Training is offered to education staff, so to enable them to support these children within the education settings, so fully supporting the inclusion agenda.

Who the service provides for

Any child/young person aged 0-19 with additional health or complex need, whose health needs impact on their ability to access education or early years settings.

Hours of operation

The lead for the service works 9 till 5pm Mon to Friday. The specialist school nurses work term time only.

How the service is accessed

Is through the special schools which the child may already be attending.
Referral can be made to the lead for the service for children and young people who are in mainstream, early years settings.

Email address


Phone number

01702 507102

Operational locations

  • Castle Point
  • Rochford
  • Southend-on-Sea


Lighthouse Child Development centre
Snakes Lane
Southend on Sea