Statutory Assessment Service

The central role of the Statutory Assessment Service (SAS) is to carry out statutory responsibilities on behalf of Essex children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), as required by the SEND 0-25 years Code of Practice (Children & Families Act 2014).

How the service is organised

The Statutory Assessment Service is made up of four area based teams each comprising of a SEN Area Manager, Locality Casework Managers, Education Health and Care Coordinators (EHCCos) and SEN Caseworkers.

The area teams are responsible for initiating and managing the statutory assessment process, issuing and reviewing Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) and arranging provision and placements for pupils with statements/EHCPs.

The Service Manager and a small support team are based at County Hall.

Services to children, families and schools

The Statutory Assessment Service provides the following:

  • determining the need to initiate statutory assessments in line with the criteria in the Code of Practice and Essex guidance
  • managing the statutory assessment process and issuing Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCPs) within statutory time scales
  • identifying an Education, Health and Care Coordinator (EHCCo) to act as the main link for parents and schools during the statutory assessment process
  • arranging appropriate educational placements for pupils with statements/EHCPs
  • ensuring the fair and effective use of resources in line with Local Authority policy on SEN funding
  • co-ordinating the Annual Review process, processing statutory review reports and taking follow-up action as required
  • supporting successful transitions of pupils with statements/EHCPs who are starting or changing provision, for example, children under 5, post 16, inward transfers and other changes of placement, including secondary transfer
  • providing advice and support in relation to complex cases, including appeals to the SEN and Disability Tribunal
  • providing advice and support to parents/carers during the statutory assessment process, including clear written information and regular direct contact
  • working collaboratively with other agencies, such as Social Care and Health, in relation to pupils with SEND

Service contact information

Operational locations

  • Essex