Thriftwood College

Thriftwood School and College is an academy.

Category of need:

Thriftwood School and College have provision to meet the needs of pupils with moderate learning difficulties including such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Global Developmental Delay.

Age range:

Thriftwood College provides provision to pupils aged 14 to 19 with an EHC plan.

More information about SEND at Thriftwood College:

Thriftwood College publishes a SEND Information Report on their website. The link is below.

Thriftwood College aims to follow the ‘Preparation for Adulthood’ framework and ensure that students are able to participate in the following with success both in the present and in the future:


Students will receive independent careers advice and will be able to experience work related activity as part of the Work Linked Learning Programme

Independent Living

All students will be encouraged to develop as much independence as possible in the time they are at Thriftwood. This may include being able to undertake a shopping task, to catch the bus or walk from one place to another safely. It will also include, how to clean a house, make a bed and make simple meals. Being able to achieve small steps in independence will enable learners later in life to begin to consider their living arrangements and how they spend their leisure time.

Community Inclusion

Students will engage with partners in the local community and the City Centre. They will be encouraged to participate in events and local cultural activity. Students will be taught how to be selfless and give their time to working with charities to raise money. They will develop effective communication skills, in order to foster inclusion. Being part of the community will be essential as learners progress to adulthood, in order to avoid isolation and social anxiety.


Students will participate in age appropriate Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship education and a sex and relationships programme. They will also be encouraged to be safe online and follow guidance given. Healthy living and exercise is promoted particularly walking, going to the Gym, and cycling.

Operational locations

  • Chelmsford