Woodside – Day Centre for Young Adults with Disabilities

Access Anyone at Woodside is a modern, friendly, relaxed and stimulating environment for young people to spend their days. The main area of the centre is an internet café, with wireless internet access, accessible work stations and P.C.’s, including touch screens. A small, open-plan, accessible kitchen is incorporated, where club members can help themselves to drinks and snacks, with staff there to assist, where necessary.

Daily activities take place in a dedicated area. These activities are nominated by club members, and participation will be encouraged. Large screen T.V, with Xbox Kinect and Wii are available.

There is also a garden with a summer house and accessible gardening and animals as well as a quiet room where members can relax with personal headphones.

Woodside has 123 acres of woodland, with activity like riding, bowls or just exploring the woodland. There is a minibus for longer trips, such as to the pool.

Who the service provides for

Young adults with disabilities. Low, Medium, and High Dependency.

Email address

Phone number

01702 527273


No.7 The Fairway
Leigh on Sea