Local Offer Facebook Posts – How to Stay Connected!

June 1, 2018

Facebook’s recent incident of data misuse by analytics firm, Cambridge Analytica, prompted Facebook to deeply address the privacy of users who don’t want their personal information exploited in various ways.

But this process was preceded by a similar yet unrelated News Feed update to focus less on content from Pages and more from a user’s friends and family. This update to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm doesn’t eliminate Page content from News Feeds entirely, but this update does set different priorities for which content gets prime News Feed real estate.

According to a private Facebook webinar hosted in January 2018, those priorities are:

1. If the content is shared over Facebook Messenger.
2. If the content is Liked or commented on.
3. If the content receives multiple replies.
4. “Meaningful interactions” between users.

Shares and comments, in particular, are considered “active” interactions, which Facebook considers more “meaningful” when slotting content on a user’s News Feed. For that reason, posts from pages you like/follow may no longer appear in your News Feed if the content doesn’t stir up a meaningful interaction.

FORTUNATELY, we’ve found some simple adjustments you can make to ensure you never miss a post from your favourite pages again….

1. Update your notification settings by selecting ‘see first’ within the ‘Following’ drop down on the chosen page.
Facebook Problem Solving Picture 1

You can also select multiple pages to ‘see first’ by going to the far right hand arrow on the top bar of Facebook and selecting ‘News feed preferences’

Facebook Problem Solving Picture 2

2. Content from the pages you’ve liked can be viewed by clicking ‘Pages Feed’ on the left sidebar of your News Feed.

Facebook Problem Solving Picture 3

3. Comment, Like and Share on the pages you want to stay connected to. The more meaningful interactions your favourite pages get, the more likely it is to stay current in your News Feed.


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