Managing feelings and emotions session at Halstead Preschool

August 31, 2018

Mental Health Day HalsteadIn preparation for world mental health day (10th October 2018), Halstead Preschool organised a ‘managing feelings and emotions’ session at their setting.

The session started with children being encouraged to practise different facial expressions including happy, sad, angry and shocked with the use of the emoji cards as a guide. Then the children learnt how to express and manage the feeling of anger in a healthy way.

Everyone enjoyed trying different strategies, such as: counting, breathing techniques, stamping feet, screaming, growling, shouting, squeezing and throwing bean bags and hitting cushions and pillows.

They learnt that it’s okay to be angry sometimes, and the big important lesson ‘we must never hurt ourselves or others when we are angry’.

Practitioners then sat down with the children and asked them to name one thing that makes them happy and one thing that makes them sad. A ‘talking spoon’ was used to help the children take turns to talk and listen.

Some great answers from the children included:

“It makes me sad when I have to go to bed as I’m having fun.”
“Rain makes me happy because I can jump in puddles!”
“I get sad when Mummy and Daddy tell me no.”
“Sweets make me happy”
“Playing on the iPad makes me happy.”

Everybody then explored the different ways we can be kind to people who are feeling sad or angry. It was agreed that cuddles make people happy!

“I was blown away by how engaged the children were, how well they spoke and listened.” Stacy, Early Years practitioner shared.
“The session went brilliantly, the children were so engaged. I’m so impressed with the answers I got! They enjoyed the healthy ways to let out anger activity also.”

Stacey provided some books about emotions, shown in the image to the left. Please share how your setting explores emotions by emailing