Moving in and out of Essex

Moving to Essex

If a young person has an Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan, and the family are moving into Essex, it is helpful for parents and carers to contact the SEND Operations Service as early as possible. They can then advise them of the schools within Essex or discuss whether the child could stay at the school they are currently attending.

As Essex is a big county, the SEND Operations Service is split into 4 areas. Depending on where you are moving to, will depend on which area you contact. The details of the areas and contact details are available here: SEND Operations Service – Contact Details

The local authority where you currently live must transfer the EHC plan to Essex. It is therefore important that you tell your current or home authority that you intend to move area, with your new address and the date you intend to move.

Where there is currently an EHC needs assessment being carried out, the home authority must also transfer all the information and advice received.

Upon the transfer of the EHC plan, Essex becomes responsible for maintaining the EHC plan and for the special educational provision specified in it.

Essex has 6 weeks from when they become aware the family has moved to notify the parent or young person that the EHC plan has been transferred and when it is going to be reviewed.

When adopting an EHC plan from a previous authority, Essex will try and match the provision as closely as possible. However, it is not always possible to match it exactly as schools and school places vary from authority to authority. The options in Essex will be discussed with you.

In terms of health needs, if a family moves into Essex, the first step they can take is to register with an Essex GP, as this will be the first step in accessing most health services in the county.

Moving out of Essex

Essex has the responsibility of transferring the child’s Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan to the new authority. It is important that you contact the local area office of the SEND Operations Service in advance of leaving Essex so that they can ensure the young person’s paperwork is ready to send to the new authority promptly. Please provide your new address and the date you intend to move.

In terms of health needs, if a family moves out of Essex, the first thing they should do is register with a local GP.

The new area should also have a Local Offer, listing services available and sources of support for families of young people with SEND.

Moving within Essex

If a family moves house but stays within Essex, this may or may not affect the child’s Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan.

It is still important that the SEND Operations Service know about the move as early as possible so they can make sure parents or carers are aware of what the options are. They will need the new address and contact details so that any information about a young person’s EHC plan they send out reaches the parents/carers.

Young people will not necessarily be entitled to transport if the school named in their EHC plan is no longer the nearest suitable school to the new address.

An officer within the SEND Operations Service will be happy to discuss moving with parents or carers.