Multi Schools Council – NEW Podcast!

April 17, 2020

The Multi Schools Council was started to help break down perceptions towards SEND and mental health in schools and the wider community.  Each term, children from mainstream and special schools normally meet to learn more about each other and put their plans in place for making a difference.  But, because of the the coronavirus outbreak, the Multi Schools Council will be breaking down perceptions through a new podcast!

The podcast will be free to download from all major streaming sites. Listen to and learn from:

  • the journey of the Multi Schools Council
  • interviews with children on their experiences of SEND and disability sport
  • interviews with adults including headteachers, the local authority and parents

Plus, any money raised through downloads will be donated to the NHS or a children’s support charity.

Catch the first episode, ‘Changing Education’ on Saturday 18 April, 3pm.  This will be followed by one episode every night next week to celebrate it’s release!