New autism-specific apprenticeship scheme in Essex

August 16, 2018

The National Autistic Society (NAS) has been selected to develop and pilot an autism-specific apprenticeship scheme, which will help get more talented autistic people involved in the cyber security industry.

The pilot will be based out of their Enterprise Campus in Essex and will involve 12 apprenticeships in total. For the first three months, candidates will be supported through cyber security training to prepare them for the workplace. NAS will also be working with their employer to make sure they understand autism and can offer the support the apprentice needs before providing in-work support for a further 6 months.

NAS will be looking to recruit candidates for the apprenticeships later in the summer, with a view to launching the pilot in the autumn.

Also from September, young people across the UK will have access to a new online training module ‘Finding Employment’. The module will help autistic people identify their strengths and career aspirations, build a personalised career plan and support strategies to help achieve a career goal.

For more information about the new Finding employment module and the Cybersecurity apprenticeship, please email