One Planning – Templates and Example

One Planning is a way to support children and young people with SEND to make progress towards the things that matter to them. You might also hear this cycle being called the ‘graduated’ approach or person centred planning – these are the same thing. One Planning is what Essex calls the ‘graduated’ approach.

Read the One Planning Guide.

One Plans

One Planning is what you do; a One Plan is how you record it. The One Plan should be the only record of the One Planning process. It should be written and used by all the people working with the child or young person.

In Essex, an Education, Health and Care plan will replace a One Plan if issued (but the graduated approach will be the same).

One Plan templates

The two templates below are intended as suggestions:

One Plan checklist

The One Plan checklist is to help make sure that the One Plan meets what is set out on the SEND Code of Practice.  Read more on the SEND Code of Practice.

One Plan example

The example below is a One Plan for an EYFS child: