Personal Budgets Explained

A personal budget is money which children, young people and their families can get to pay for support outlined in their Education, Health and Care (EHC) plan. This money may be from the local authority for education and social care, or from the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) for health.

Personal budgets mean you get more choice about what the money is spent on and the support you get.

Using your personal budget

You can get a personal budget in different ways:

  • you can look after it yourself by receiving the money that is available to you as a direct payment
  • someone from the local authority, school or college can look after your personal budget for you (sometimes called a notional budget)
  • another person or group that you have chosen can look after it for you
  • or a combination of the options above

Personal Budget Policy

The Essex Personal Budget Policy has been written by health, social care, education, voluntary groups, and parents and carers. It explains who is eligible for a personal budget.

Read the ECC Personal Budget Policy.

If the local authority doesn’t agree to a personal budget

Parents or young people cannot appeal a decision made by the local authority not to agree a personal budget or direct payment, but they can ask them to review it.

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