PGT – Speech, Language and Communication needs

These extension materials relate to interventions recommended in the Provision Guidance Toolkit for pupils with Speech, Language and Communication needs.

These resources draw upon on evidence-based research and interventions and have been generated through our work with practitioners in Essex schools and the parents/carers of children supported by these practitioners. They are regularly reviewed and comments/suggestions are welcome:

High Quality Teaching (HQT) – the foundation of all teaching, assessment and intervention for all pupils with Speech, Language and Communication needs

  • Play, language and learning – an explanation about the importance of play in the development of language and learning are, with strategies for teaching staff to promote this
  • SLCN Provision Audit Tool – a checklist, linked broadly to the 5 themes within the SLCN section of the Provision Guidance Toolkit, to review provision for children with SLCN within a school/class/targeted teaching group

Additional School Intervention and Support (ASI) – building on quality first teaching where a pupil may need more input and advice may be sought from professionals to support individual assessment interventions

High Needs (HN) – for pupils with more complex or enduring needs, whose effective access to the curriculum and learning require coordinated and highly personalised advice and support

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