Play and learning for MSI children

The Specialist Teacher (MSI) will give practical advice and ideas to families and education settings on activities and resources to support the development of play and learning for children with multi-sensory impairments.

For a child with limited mobility, the teacher may use or recommend a Be-Active Box and/or a Resonance Board in order to create a responsive environment.

A Beactive Box A Resonance board

The teacher may also access or recommend a specialist sensory space to encourage play and learning with children with multi-sensory impairments.

There are some sensory spaces open to the public in both Chelmsford and Basildon libraries. The Specialist Teaching and Preschool Service use these spaces for SENsational Times play sessions for preschool children.

Sensory spaces can also be created at home, and the teacher can advise families about these. A range of portable sensory resources can be made available to families and preschool settings on loan. The teacher can also recommend the provision of high-cost specialist sensory resources for schools, to meet an individual child’s needs, through the local authority’s arrangements for Specialist Equipment.

Sense has recently published a Toolkit for parents on ‘Making play inclusive‘ (2016), with a series of 10 short video clips to illustrate recommended strategies, as well as a Toolkit for play settings.