POET Challenge 2020 -2021 Responses

In 2020, a group of young people set us a challenge about the changes they want to see.

We have shared the POET challenge with professionals across the Essex Local Area and many, many professionals have taken on the challenge. Here are just a few of the comments from professionals about the POET challenge:

“You are all unique and you are all valued….You have hidden superpowers that some of you don’t even realise you have yet! Our job is to make you see them”

“Work hard to reach your aspirations and goals for the future”

“Thank you for sharing for lives and experiences. I pledge to shout louder for you !”

“This is an amazing piece of work and I really hope to hear that it is making a difference! Thank you for all your time and efforts”

How many pledges have we received so far?


We have 38 Pledges so far and there are more pledges from other areas coming soon! The pledges include some from individuals and some from teams who work in Education, Health and Social Care.

Do you work with children or young people in Essex and are yet to make your pledge? Then all you need to do is fill in our Pledge Form


What areas of Essex have made their Pledges?

Currently we have to use pictures and text but once we have a new local offer this page will be interactive!



Our Pledges to You

We would love to show you all the response and on our new Local Offer (coming soon!!) we will be able to.

For now here are some pledges…


To help you be independent and feel part of the community, we pledge to…

  • Ask you what you would like to do and support you to develop the skills you need to participate in community activities.
  • Listen and Communicate with you.
  • Create Social groups, advocacy, training and learning opportunities, public speakers and workshop events led by young people for professionals and for parents.
  • Help you find organisation that can help achieve this and support you through it.


To help you know your and how you will achieve these, we pledge to…

  • Have you attend meetings and discuss outcomes with you and change the language to suit your needs.
  • Communicate openly, build relationships, work together.
  • Make sure that we ask you if you understand and agree with them and are clear why and what they are.
  • Have you fully involved in identifying the outcomes and the plans around you.
  • Ask you what they want to achieve and how you would like to get to the desired outcome.


To help you share your views, have a choice and control over your support, we pledge to…

  • Have you attend meetings
  • Allow you to have your voice, be your voice where appropriate, respect, honesty and transparency
  • Ask how you would like to share your views and feelings; whether this is in person, via written or third party or pictures, video, photos etc.
  • Make you part of our forums
  • Ask you what you need


A great big thank you to the following Individuals and Teams who have made a pledge…

  • Mishelle Looker – Senior Practitioner
  • Belinda Jackson – Senior Practitioner
  • Paul Cornwell – Preparing of Adulthood Advisor
  • Alex Berry – Preparing of Adulthood Advisor
  • Jane Bryant – Preparing of Adulthood Advisor
  • Kerry Surridge – Lead Preparing for Adulthood Advisor
  • Emma Wyatt – Targeted Employment Officer
  • Sue Hayward – Residential Worker
  • Sarah Lincoln – Residential Worker
  • Sallie Bloomfield – Service Manager – Operational
  • Lee Smith – Personal Advisor (Family Operations)
  • Bev Badu – Family and Child Support Manager
  • Sally Davis – Senior Support Worker
  • Gillian Bradbrook – Support Worker
  • Zhenya Tsareva – SEND Development Officer
  • The Social Care Teams in Colchester, Chelmsford, Harlow, Basildon
  • Jenny Kinsville – SEND Navigation Lead
  • Harriet Pickering Lead for Partnership Deliver
  • Jenny Farebrother – Supported Internship Job Coach and Preparing for Adulthood Tutor
  • Natalie Cousins – Job Coach
  • Julie Clark –  Supported Employment Manager
  • Philippa Holliday – Assistant Director of Education
  • Joanna Lambert – Lead Specialist Teacher PNI
  • Kerry Howard – SEND Quadrant Manager
  • Nickie Lee – Quadrant Manager
  • Claire Love – District Youth and Community Commissioner
  • Janis Gibson – CEO
  • Tricia D’Orsi – NHS Alliance Director for South East Essex