SEND IASS Case Studies and Further Information


Case Studies

This case study illustrates IAS offered around a Refusal to Assess appeal

This case study describes IAS delivered around a cease to maintain an EHCP

This case study outlines the impact of supporting a young person and his father where a school placement was breaking down.

This case study describes how a mum was enabled by SEND IASS to support her three sons to share their views and wishes around the support they receive and to re-build the relationship with the school, through a combination of telephone and email support.

This case study describes the support SEND IASS provided around a permanent exclusion, the outcome of which was that the it was considered an illegal exclusion and the decision was overturned.

This case study describes the support SEND IASS provided to a mum and her daughter in year 13, regarding post 16 provision.

How other parents feel about the service

“Having used the service, the eldest child who I care for and who has SEN, is now in work.”

“Thank you once again for taking the time to research our options and also for your kindness.”

Communication has been excellent. The team clearly believe in fighting for justice – they’ve given me amazing support! I’m so grateful – your help has been life-changing. (Caseworker) has been my rock – she’s given me strength. Everyone in this position should come to SENDIASS! I don’t know what would have happened to my son without (caseworker) and (caseworker).”

The advice and support has helped me know which direction to go down for my daughter, without their knowledge and help I wouldn’t have known; I have a greater understanding of the educational process for children/young people with SEND“.

My son got excluded from school. (Caseworker’s name) made me aware of what my rights were. The information received was very helpful and has made a huge difference to my son’s education”

It was great for me to have such an overview of possible avenues of support. Sometimes when I am in the middle of a situation it feels like a maze, you have given me a wider, clearer perspective and it has been very helpful.” (School SENCO)

“I really can’t thank you enough, I really feel like doors are opening for us now and we finally are being supported. I have felt as though I’ve been in a dark room for so long but am starting to feel hopeful now that things might start to become easier with the help and support we are finally getting.”

If you have already used the service, you can submit your feedback here too.

Annual Report

SENDIASS Annual Report August 2018

Our impartiality explained (Full policy below)

We are trained by IPSEA through the National IASS network. Each of our team members complete 90 hours of accredited legal training, in order to ensure that information we give is based in legislation rather than local policy.

We can support you through legal processes such as exclusion hearings and this may include attending the hearing. We can also support you through an appeal to the SEND Tribunal. In addition, we currently commission an Independent organisation Families InFocus to undertake work around SEND Tribunals with you. We are led by you and your wishes.

In order to support your best interests and help to secure good outcomes for you or your child, we will work collaboratively with the Local Authority (LA), and maintain positive relationships with LA staff. What you talk to us about is completely confidential, only our staff have access to this information and we would only talk to other professionals with your consent.

We work at arms-length to the LA, so although our staff are based within Local Authority premises, information held on our database is not visible by LA staff other than those within the SEND IASS, neither is it linked to LA processes in any way.

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Minimum Standards for IAS Services

Easy read version of minimum standards for IAS Services

SENDIASS Confidentiality Policy

SENDIASS Impartiality Policy

Please see the SEND IASS leaflet for further information or to print and distribute.

Health and Council for Disabled Children have created a website outlining young people’s rights when making decisions and choices about

The National IASS Network

Contact – National helpline and information for families with disabled children.

In addition, SENDIASS provide access to Independent Parental Support and also to an Independent SEN Mediation service:

Families InFocus (Essex) is an independent, parent-led charity providing a range of support to families of children with disabilities and special needs across Essex. Tel: 01245 353575

Global Mediation provides independent SEN mediation service for disagreements between parents and the local authority or a school.