Small Great Things – St. George’s Primary School

June 18, 2019

Photo of Small Great Things Rocks Laid out as a Sunshine ShapeWe spent a lovely afternoon with the Small Great Things (SGT) champions at St. George’s Primary School in Colchester. The children shared with us what they have been doing in school since attending the Multi-School Council (MSC) Anti-bullying event in March this year.

The first thing the children did was to share what they had experienced that day with their Head Teacher Mrs Ketich; SGT workshops, Autism Awareness and Anti-bullying T-Shirt making to name but a few.

So, after presenting SGT to the whole school in Assembly; showing everyone their SGT Rocks and posters made at the MSC event, featuring in the school newsletter and everyone at school painting a SGT rock during the schools activity day – The SGT champions have BIG plans for the future. Watch this space for updates!

Flipcharts of Ideas from Small Great Things Champions at St Georges School